Latino News Network Expands Local Coverage To Wisconsin

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The Latino News Network (LNN) is expanding its local media coverage to Wisconsin today. 

The addition represents the second Midwest affiliate for the multimedia news source that introduced Illinois Latino News (ILLN) last year. LNN was founded in New England in 2012 with the launch of flagship news outlet, Connecticut Latino News (CTLN).

Hugo Balta, Owner and Publisher of LNN, commented on the new edition, saying, “Hispanics-Latinos are the second largest and fastest growing racial and ethnic population in Wisconsin, but the state’s local news media is not representative of the group’s prominence. Wisconsin Latino News (WILN) is going to change that oversight.”

The Latino News Network oversees six independent, English language, local digital news outlets with statewide coverage, and Hispanic-Latino editorial focus in the Midwest and New England.

“I’m so proud to witness LNN’s growth and expansion in the Midwest. To launch Wisconsin Latino News just a year after introducing Illinois Latino News is a huge accomplishment that shows the need for inclusive storytelling and reporting that amplifies Latinx voices in these states,” said Annabel Rocha, Writer/Editor for ILLN. Rocha oversees LNN-Midwest.

The WILN newsroom takes a partnership approach to prioritizing Latino communities through solutions-focused reporting. “The community is more than just the audience, they are collaborators,” said Balta.

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